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In 2023, the global e-commerce arena witnessed dominance by top retailers such as Amazon, Alibaba, Walmart, The Home Depot, and Costco Wholesale Corporation. Amazon led the charge with an impressive revenue, showcasing a significant year-over-year increase to $538 billion.

Alibaba followed with its rapid growth, more than tripling its net revenue since 2018 to reach $119 billion. Together, these e-commerce giants have not only maintained their leading positions but also significantly influenced global market trends. The rankings are based on market values and revenues for 2023, underscoring the continued expansion and impact of these online retail behemoths.

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Global Rank
Country Revenue YoY Growth Main Sector
favicon Germany
18783.70M EUR
7.82% eCommerce  
favicon Netherlands
10553.30M EUR
5.72% Home and Garden  
favicon Germany
5553.80M EUR
8.44% eCommerce  
favicon France
501.80M EUR
8.23% eCommerce  
favicon Austria
0.00M EUR
Consumer Electronics  
******** ******** ******** ******** EUR
******** ******** ******** ******** EUR
******** ******** ******** ******** EUR
******** ******** ******** ******** EUR
******** ******** ******** ******** EUR
******** ******** ******** ******** EUR
******** ******** ******** ******** EUR
******** ******** ******** ******** EUR
******** ******** ******** ******** EUR
******** ******** ******** ******** EUR

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