Most Valuable eCommerce Companies Worldwide


Key Insights: Most Valuable eCommerce Companies 2024

Market Capitalization: The top 10 eCommerce companies by market capitalization account for 94% of the industry's total value, amounting to a combined US$2.31 trillion.

Amazon Dominates: Leading the industry, Amazon's market capitalization nearly doubled from 2022, reaching US$1.55 trillion. This puts it well ahead of its Chinese rivals, Pinduoduo and Alibaba, which rank 2nd and 3rd with market caps of US$197 billion and US$185 billion, respectively.

MercadoLibre's Growth: Argentina's MercadoLibre claims the 4th position with a market capitalization of US$79 billion. China's Meituan follows in 5th place with US$63 billion, and U.S.-based Copart is 6th at US$45 billion

Remaining Rankings: takes 7th place with a market capitalization of US$42 billion, followed by South Korea's Coupang at US$28 billion. The top 10 is completed by eBay at US$23 billion and Singapore's Sea at US$22 billion.

Most Valuable eCommerce Companies Worldwide, 2024

Market Capitalization: An Overview

Market capitalization , or market cap, represents the total value of a company's shares. It's calculated by multiplying the share price by the total number of shares outstanding. For example, a company with 20 million shares, each priced at US$50, has a market cap of US$1 billion. This metric is crucial for investors as it provides a clear comparison between companies.

Top 10 eCommerce Companies: The ranking from shows leading companies from the U.S., China, Argentina, and Singapore. The total market cap of the 97 eCommerce companies listed is US$2.45 trillion, with the top 10 holding US$2.30 trillion, accounting for 94% of the total market value. The clear leader is Amazon, the U.S.-based eCommerce giant

Top 3 eCommerce Giants: Amazon, Pinduoduo, and Alibaba

Amazon leads the pack with a market capitalization of US$1.55 trillion, nearly doubling its value from 2022's US$869.7 billion. This solidifies its position far ahead of its Chinese competitors.

Following Amazon, Chinese eCommerce companies Pinduoduo and Alibaba occupy the 2nd and 3rd places, with market caps of US$198 billion and US$185 billion, respectively. This marks a notable rise for Pinduoduo, which was 4th in 2022.

Asian Dominance in the Top 10

MercadoLibre, from Argentina, ranks 4th with a market capitalization of US$79 billion. Meituan, a Chinese company, follows in 5th place with US$63 billion, despite a significant loss in value last year. U.S.-based Copart ranks 6th with a market cap of US$45 billion.

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