Top 100 eCommerce Retailers in Europe

by Revenue 2016-2021

Over the past seven years, the European eCommerce landscape has undergone profound transformations. These changes, propelled by rapid technological innovation, shifting consumer habits, and significant global events such as the COVID-19 pandemic, have reshaped the way retailers operate and consumers shop. An in-depth examination of the top 100 eCommerce retailers in Europe from 2016 to 2023 reveals the intricate dynamics of this evolution, highlighting remarkable growth trajectories, strategic pivots, and emerging trends that define the sector's future.

Rank Company Country Main Sector(s) 2021 2022 2023
1 Amazon USA All Sectors 38.68 48.22 57.68
2 Zalando Germany Fashion, Footwear and Leather 6.98 9.49 9.66
3 Apple USA Consumer Electronics 7.33 8.55 8.65
4 Tesco United Kingdom Food/ All Sectors 6.18 7.52 8.1
5 Sainsbury's United Kingdom Fashion/ All Sectors (ex. Food) 5.83 7.24 7.54
6 IKEA The Netherlands Furniture 5.92 6.86 7.45
7 Otto Group Germany Retail, eCommerce 5.21 5.73 6.16
8 Mediamarkt Germany Consumer Electronics 5.04 5.64 5.98
9 Argos United Kingdom Retail, eCommerce 4.33 5.08 5.24
10 H&M Sweden Fashion 3.71 4.42 4.69

Amazon: The Unquestionable Leader

Amazon's journey from 2016 to 2023 exemplifies not just growth but domination in the European eCommerce sector. Starting with a formidable base of €28.65 billion in 2016, Amazon's revenue witnessed an exponential rise to €48.22 billion by 2022 and further to €57.68 billion in 2023. This remarkable growth trajectory underscores Amazon's unmatched market presence, characterized by its vast product assortment, logistical excellence, and innovative consumer engagement strategies. Particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, Amazon capitalized on the surge in online shopping, expanding its services and infrastructure to accommodate the increased demand, thereby reinforcing its market leadership.

The Otto Group: Diverse and Steady

Representing the epitome of steady growth and diversification, Germany's Otto Group has charted a consistent upward trajectory. With a conglomerate structure that encompasses a variety of brands such as Bonprix, Baur, and, the Otto Group's strategy has been one of holistic growth and digital transformation. For instance, Bonprix alone grew from €1.002 billion in 2016 to an impressive estimated €5.73 billion in 2022. This growth is reflective of the Otto Group's strong focus on digital sales channels, customer-centric product offerings, and efficient supply chain management, which have collectively contributed to its solid positioning in the European market.

Top 10 ecommerce retailers in Europe

Zalando: Fashion Forward

Zalando's ascent in the European fashion eCommerce space from €3.640 billion in 2016 to €9.49 billion in 2022, reaching €9.66 billion in 2023, is a testament to its innovative approach and customer-centric strategy. As a platform that seamlessly integrates a wide range of brands and products, Zalando has successfully capitalized on the digital fashion boom. Its commitment to providing a superior shopping experience, along with strategic marketing and brand partnerships, has positioned Zalando at the forefront of the online fashion industry. Furthermore, Zalando's efforts in sustainability and responsible fashion have resonated well with the evolving consumer preference towards ethical and environmentally friendly products.

Apple and Tesco: Meeting Diverse Consumer Needs

Apple's evolution in Europe, marked by a revenue increase from €4.200 billion in 2016 to €8.55 billion in 2022, peaking at €8.65 billion in 2023, highlights the growing consumer demand for cutting-edge technology and electronic devices. Apple's success can be attributed to its relentless innovation, strong brand loyalty, and the seamless integration of its ecosystem, catering to a tech-savvy European audience. In contrast, Tesco's growth from €4.100 billion in 2016 to €7.52 billion in 2022, and €8.1 billion in 2023, showcases its adaptability and resilience. Expanding its online presence, Tesco has effectively tapped into the online grocery market, further accelerated by the pandemic, illustrating its ability to meet a wide array of consumer needs.

Emerging Trends in Consumer Electronics and Fashion

The period from 2016 to 2023 has been pivotal for the fashion and consumer electronics sectors. Brands like H&M exemplify the dramatic shift towards online retail in the fashion industry. Growing from €978 million in 2016 to €4.42 billion in 2022, and €4.69 billion in 2023, H&M's success is anchored in its digital transformation efforts, online marketing prowess, and the expansion of its eCommerce platform. This period has also underscored the importance of sustainability and ethical practices in fashion, with consumers increasingly favoring brands that align with their values.

The Accelerating Effect of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has undeniably been a catalyst for accelerating online shopping trends across Europe. Retailers across various sectors, particularly those specializing in home office equipment and electronics, witnessed unprecedented growth. Companies such as Mediamarkt, with revenues soaring from €1.952 billion in 2016 to €5.64 billion in 2022, and €5.98 billion in 2023, have adeptly navigated this surge in demand, capitalizing on the new normal of remote work and digital home entertainment.

Adapting to Economic and Political Changes

The landscape of European eCommerce has also been shaped by significant economic and political events, including Brexit. Retailers have had to navigate complex trade regulations, logistic challenges, and shifting consumer sentiments, showcasing the sector's agility and resilience in the face of uncertainty.


Reflecting on the journey from 2016 to 2023, the European eCommerce sector has not only weathered challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic and Brexit but has also embraced innovation, consumer behavior shifts, and sustainability trends. This era is characterized by significant growth, strategic shifts, and the solidification of online retail's role in Europe's economic landscape, paving the way for future advancements and continued evolution.

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